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Are Virtual-Live Events a Band-aid
or the Wave of the Future?

If you google “virtual galas” or “virtual events” you’ll find lots of people trying to convince you that you that they are "experts" on virtual events when they have never produced a single one. They have their own reasons for wanting you to believe that. But it’s not true.

So that’s what we’re here for. I know you have a dream to do your good work for your communities, to make the world a better place and to make an impact.


Everything I Thought About
Live Events Was Wrong

Since 2008, I've only been able to work with organizations in my area and who could pay for my top-level level consultation package. But in March of 2020, everything changed.

I'm thrilled to be able to apply my years of experience and understanding about live events to the virtual space and to have the opportunity to share it virtually, so many, many more people can take advantage of my experience and skillset.

I built my brand around the notion that live events were the only path to nonprofit fundraising success and then I learned that I was COMPLETELY WRONG. When I dove deep into the psychology of the virtual space (the same way I did with live events) I learned everything I could and found the secret sauce to making these successful RIGHT NOW. I was shocked to realize that these events can be produced simply OR extravagantly but that, either way, the success can be massive.



In early March 2020, as the reality of COVID-19 began to set in for my clients and for everyone around us, I immediately began working with my clients to salvage their live events and produce highly-successful virtual live events.

I conducted countless hours of research on giving software platforms, streaming and more, so that I could come up with a system that works.


So Here's What I Did

I took everything I've learned, everything I've coached my $8,000 one-on-one clients, and condensed it into TWELVE live study sessions, plus combined it with a massive toolkit to help you implement what you learn. Your entire event team can join me in any or all of these sessions to learn, brainstorm and workshop in community as you all drive toward your goal of planning and producing a successful virtual live fundraising event. When you have questions, just share to the Facebook Group or join one of the SIX hour-long drop in open study sessions and ask away.


Here's what you'll get:


✅ SIX topic areas, each delivered LIVE, two times (recorded-attend when you can)

✅ My "Virtual Event Toolkit" with SIX resources you can use to plug-and-play

✅ SIX 1-hour "Open Study Hours" with me, to ask questions and get feedback

✅ Live delivery of my "Crash Course in Benefit Auctioneering" for your volunteer MC

✅ Private Pop-Up Facebook Group access

Session Topics and Meeting Schedule


"Virtual Events Networking and Information Session"
Monday, January 9am PST


This is a NO-RISK opportunity.

I'm so confident you'll find value in this program that I am offering a money back guarantee.

You or someone on your team MUST attend a minimum of SIX live sessions in order to request a refund.


Hear What Clients Have to Say About Emily

Leila Watkins

“I really enjoyed Emily’s program because virtual events is such a new space and I would say that one of the biggest takeaways I got from this program is the idea is that virtual events are gonna be staying with us for a while in some form whether that’s hybrid events or using virtual events to make our non-profit events more inclusive and have a broader reach. From the technical aspect, Emily has already done all the research on all the different platforms you can use and the logistics so I found that level of detail in terms of marketing and communication and platform really helpful. I highly recommend it!”

Co Tran

“It was really easy to navigate the website. It was refreshing to have a slide deck. It’s very rigid. It’s very structured. The slide deck is almost a replacement for the presentation. Your workshops were responsive to the questions we were asking, or the things we were interested in. We had it just like a conversation. It didn’t feel as exhausting as sitting through an hour-long lecture. It didn’t drain the energy out of me. I came out of this session really energized. It’s also really nice to get an overview of what event fundraising is. I’m really new to the fundraising world so I didn’t know about all the different possibilities for what people do, how they set it up, so it was really nice to get that overview without having to read a book.”

Mollie B., Campaign Manager, Tawonga

“Even just knowing the topic areas of 'here are the things you need to think about before you do this stuff' is so helpful and to hear your suggestions and what you're thinking about to bring it back to my team to start strategizing. I even heard someone on my team say 'we need to start working on the video!' and I heard you in my head saying, 'well, what's the purpose of this event first? Let's take a step back and think about the best way to achieve our goal.

Kim DiGiovanni

“What I appreciated most was that you were so available and engaging. While each session had its own structure and information for you to deliver, it was delivered by you in such a way where I felt open to ask questions and I could get feedback on the spot, and I thought that was way better than doing a lot courses that are pre-recorded where you don’t have a high touch point, I really appreciated that level of detail and involvement for this course. ”

Molly Shea

“Your program as a whole is super helpful. I thought the way you had your website set up was super helpful. It was really easy for me to navigate, you had the resources there. Having multiple sessions made it easy to schedule, the recordings were helpful. If I miss something in notes, I can go back.

You as a person are very friendly and approachable. I really appreciate it. You clearly know what you’re talking about. It’s just been very interesting and helpful to hear your advice and experiences in this realm because I know this whole new environment we’re in is so out of left field for everybody and we keep talking all the time about what a challenging year we have coming up, fundraising, it’s like very daunting and we didn’t know kinda where to pivot to or where to start, but I think this in this private session especially has been really beneficial to our team and showing us that we can get something going.”


Access to all course content available FREE through March 31, 2021!

Join today and have access to LIVE learning and workshopping with a virtual fundraising event expert.


Emily Quinn, BAS
(Benefit Auctioneer Specialist)

A leader in live and virtual event fundraising events, management, and consulting.