Are you a nonprofit or school
with a limited Development team,
looking for year-round ideas and support for all your event and episodic-based fundraising efforts?

Learn more about the Build Your Best Benefit Year-Round Program!


Join event fundraising strategist
Emily Quinn, “Auction Emily”
and gain access to live support, year-round.


 Hear what clients have to say about on-going work with Emily:


"Having Emily's expertise, energy, enthusiasm, and experience is invaluable to our fundraising efforts; she helps us plan and think through every challenge that comes our way! We consider Emily a central part of why we meet our individual fundraising goals every year."

Monica Alatorre
Senior Manager, Development & Communications
Envision Education


" Emily is such a professional and already has so much experience with virtual events. She helps me think of things I didn't even consider. Having the ability to connect with her on a regular basis is allowing us the freedom to learn from her experience as our event continues to change and adapt to our changing world. "

Mollie Breger
Campaign Manager
Camp Tawonga

Year-Round, Live Support From an Event Fundraising Professional

Year after year I hear the same plea from my consultation clients:
“HOW can we have access to you throughout the year, NOT just when we are planning events?” Honestly, I didn’t see the need for this when I first started my business in 2008. But now it’s all crystal clear.

Event and Episodic-Based Fundraising is Cyclical, Not Transactional

My 1:1 clients begin working on their large fundraising events and galas a full year in advance. In fact, most of them book my services 10-12 months out. But in addition to the one large event, my clients often have COUNTLESS smaller, event and episodic-based fundraisers throughout the year. These efforts must be coordinated and strategic in order to be successful.

Coordinated, Strategic Efforts Produce Year-Round Fundraising Success

All year long, development teams must strategize how best to engage their donor-base and stay top of mind. But trying to stay relevant and creative isn’t always easy when you’re just managing the day to day. 

Your Team Deserves Both Professional and Peer Support

I created this program to provide not only support from me and to give you access to everything I know about event and episodic fundraising, but to also give you a community of other nonprofits just like you.


So Here’s What I Did


I wanted to make sure that cost never gets in the way of quality consulting, so by creating group Strategy Sessions, I am able to give live training and feedback, at a FRACTION of my 1:1 consulting rates. Submit questions ahead of our twice-monthly Strategy Sessions and hear me give you feedback and answers.

You’ll even get a recording if the session if you can’t attend to hear the answer in real-time. Share ideas and ask questions of me, my team and your peers in the Facebook Group, anytime.


Bi-Monthly Live Strategy Calls ($5976 value)

  • 2 x/month (1st Wednesday at 9am PST and 3rd Wednesday at 1pm PST)
  • 60-minutes
  • Recorded
  • Submit questions in advance to be answered during the call

Discount on 1:1 Consulting Packages (10%-30%)

  • Subscribers get deep discounts when working with me 1:1 on annual events

25% off programs
($499+ value)

  • As long as you’re enrolled, you’ll receive 25% off any programs I create

Profit Share ($499+ value)

  • Get 50% of profits when you refer someone to a Study Session Series
  • Get 25% of profits when you refer someone to the BYBB Year-Round Program
  • Get $500 when you refer someone to my 1:1 consultation package

Private Facebook Page

  • Ask me questions here and share ideas with others

Dues freeze

  • As long as you re-enroll during the enrollment period (30 days of ending) you will never pay more for your dues



"I work with an organization called "The Giving Exchange", and we hired Emily for our event last December and she blew us away as well so you made a great choice and I'll think you'll have a good time! "

Ming Richie
Nonprofit Director
The Giving Exchange


"I work at the Oakland School for the Arts. I found my way here today through Emily who we just hired for the first time, and already in just a month of working with her, I am totally into everything she does and I'm just happy to be here and learn more!"

Kathryn Keslosky
Director of Advancement
Oakland School of the Arts

$497 ONLY!